Tempo and Fade

At the bottom right of the main screen there are a few widgets and buttons to keep under control and set the tempo and fade in out. You have also a full fledged time signature display and metronome that allow you to exactly know where you are, within the looping structure of a style section.

Tempo and fade panel

  1. The tempo is shown in bpm (beats per minute). You can adjust the tempo by dragging/swiping the display or turning the mouse wheel. Fine adjustments (1 bpm at a time) can be done through the arrow buttons at the side.
  2. The tempo can also be entered by tapping on this button. A minimum of 3 taps are required. You can continue tapping for how long you want, the tempo will adjust accordingly in real time. When the sequencer is running this button will change its function to BEAT RESET (see Conductor).
  3. This is 3 states button (Reset / Hold / Lock) that selects how tempo is adjusted when changing styles. Reset will always adjust the tempo to the one of the new style. Hold will keep the current tempo if a new style is chained with the sequencer running. But will change the tempo if the new style is selected with the sequencer not running. Lock will always keep the current tempo, no matter how you change style. Lock is selectable by right clicking (long pressing the button). A normal click will toggle between the Reset and Hold states.
  4. Metronome leds. The first led will beat also when Sync Start is selected (so that you can accustom yourself visually to the tempo before start playing).
  5. Time signature.
  6. Current measure (and total) in the playing loop. The loop is the repeating musical fragment that composes every section (intro, ending, main, …) of the style. This will help you to keep your melody in sync with the accompaniment and let you know when it is most appropriate to play fills and breaks.
  7. Current beat.
  8. You can engage (or disengage) a fade in/out through this button. When the fade ramp is over the button will automatically deselect itself. While fading, the button shows the seconds to go. When the sequencer is stopped, calling for a fade-in will also automatically select Syncro Start. There are two different fade length available (short/long), they are toggled right clicking (long pressing) the button. The button changes color and label to reflect the current duration.