A registration is a bundle of a style (automatic accompaniment, lead and aux voices, OTSes, APGs) + many global settings detailed below. When you load a registration you can decide to load only the global settings (configuring instantly the whole program state), keeping the current style. You save a registration through the file manager. The saved registration is a snapshot of the current program state (and loaded style). So setup everything as you wish just before saving.

These are the settings stored with a registration:

  • Style.
  • Global transpose (semitones).
  • Split point note, mode (fixed, smart), active (on/off).
  • Fade in/out state (on/off) and duration.
  • Syncro start / syncro stop (on/off).
  • Bass inversion (on/off).
  • Hold chords (on/off).
  • Sync fill (on/off).
  • Halfbar fill (on/off).
  • Loop Intro/Ending (on/off).
  • Fill mode (auto, src, dest).
  • OTS link (on/off)
  • Link OTS mode (immediate, measure start).
  • Tempo lock mode (reset, hold, lock).
  • Hold LH voice freeze (on/off).
  • Bindings slot active.

A registration is loaded from disk and organised in folders as you see fit. You therefore have an unlimited number of registrations to be organised as you like.

If, in the root of the User registrations hierarchy, a registration named “Startup”  is present, it will be loaded at program start. You therefore have a hook to configure the program as you like every time you launch it. Otherwise it will be configured with default settings for everything (including an “empty” style).