How to get the Machine ID

The Groovyband Live! license allows you to run the program only on a single machine. The machine is identified by a code (what we call the machine ID) based on the hardware components built-in a particular PC, and therefore is unique to that specific machine.

When you checkout your purchase, you let us know the machine ID of the computer you want to run the program on, and we will ship you a license file suitable for that, and only that, machine.

To get the machine ID you have first to install the free DEMO version of the program, and launch it on the target machine (the machine on which you want later to run the purchased version). As soon as it starts, it shows the machine ID (see the picture above). Just click the circled button to copy the machine ID (the long string of letters and numbers, grouped and separated by dashes) onto the clipboard.

From there you can directly paste it on the checkout form in the web page. Alternatively, if the target machine is not connected to the internet, paste the machine ID into a text file (use Notepad for that). Then move the file to the machine connected to the internet (for example with an USB pen); open the file there, copy the machine ID onto the clipboard and paste it in the checkout form in the browser window.

Do not worry: if something goes wrong, from an embedded checksum, we can detect an incorrect machine ID and we will let you know!

If you change some components of your PC, the machine ID is robust enough to understand that, as a whole, the PC is always the same, and therefore the program will still run.

If you change too many components, or replace your PC (everybody sooner or later will buy a new PC!), then your license will no more work.

Once again, do not worry! We have a policy for that: we generally recognize the good faith of an honest customer and we will give him a free new license for its brand new PC. Groovyband won’t let you down!