What computer do I need to run the program?

You need any computer (desktop, laptop, tablet) that runs Windows 10 - 64 bits. The resources needed by Groovyband Live! are so low, that if the computer can boot Windows than it can certainly run our software.

Realistically, for production, you need a tablet or a laptop with touch screen. Preferably with a 12" screen or wider. You can learn more here.

Android and iPad tablets are NOT supported.

Does Groovyband Live! produce the sound as well as the realtime arrangement?

No. Groovyband Live! produces only a stream of midi data. You need a compatible sound generator to actually produce sound.

What "sound module" do I need?

Groovyband Live! currently requires a mid-top level Yamaha XG capable sound generator.

This in practice means a PSR S770 or better (Tyros 3 or better, Genos).

What are the demo limitations?
  1. You cannot save your customizations, when you quit the program they are lost.
  2. You can use a maximum of 4 insert DSPs at once (as in the Standard version).
  3. After some minutes (10รท15) you are forced to quit. But you can restart the program immediately.

Nothing else.

The demo comes bundled with fully functional 906 styles (all those delivered with the Platinum version) and can be used forever.

Is the program copy protected?

Yes, it can only be installed on one computer. We deliver to the purchaser a license file that will unlock the software only on that computer.

The details are described here.

The demo can be freely installed and run on as many computers as needed, for as long as needed (= forever).

What happens if I change my computer? Will I lose the ability to run the software I purchased?

If you change your computer every 3 years, or less often, we issue a new license file for the new computer. No questions asked.

If you change it more frequently, we will evaluate every specific case. If you do not give us a reason to doubt your good faith, we generally trust the customer.

Read our license replacement policy.

Why doesn't the program cost as a smartphone app?

Usually you get what you pay for.

This is a state of the art professional software that offers features you will not find anywhere else.

This software took many man-years of work of highly skilled people to develop. We continuously improve the software and offer quality and prompt support to our customers (and prospective customers too!).

We are so confident of the value of our product that we offer a fully functional demo, with all the content available and online manual. So you can freely make your mind, at your pace, before purchasing. We also encourage you to try yourself and compare our product with the competition (both software AND hardware).

Actually use the interface, test the unique functionality, the aesthetics, the immediacy of the interface touch-native design, listen with your ears. All these things cannot be written on paper in a spec.

We believe that at the end you will find the price fair.

Why my antivirus (possibly) gives me an alert when installing/running the program?

If you downloaded the program from our servers we guarantee it is absolutely virus free. Sometimes the antivirus programs use heuristics to figure out if a still unknown virus is present in an executable file.

Heuristics are well known to trigger false positives, and this could be the case with your antivirus. We cannot check them all!

Our program installs and runs without any warning with the built-in Windows 10 antivirus.

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