License Replacement Policy

To protect our investment in Groovyband Live! development, we had to implement some sort of copy protection against piracy. This is always a delicate matter since it has to be reasonably hard to circumvent, but at the same time not too much invasive for the honest paying customers.

We considered a few possibilities:

  1. The software always “phones home” to a central server that verifies if the copy is legal. This is a strong protection, but at the same time it is maximally inconvenient for the user: you always need an internet connection!! This would automatically rule out its use in live situations (out of home): would you gig, knowing that your performance depends on a (likely) mobile internet connection to a server overseas?
  2. The software checks for an hardware dongle connected to an USB port of your computer. This, as the central server, would allow you to use the software on any computer (by moving the dongle). But it has its drawbacks too: lost/stolen dongle, broken dongle, lack of USB ports (especially on laptops and tablets), “foreign” boxy body protruding outside your slick and trendy device.
  3. The PC itself is the dongle (no two PCs are born equal, and you can always tell which is which). This will give you maximum freedom (you do not need anything else than your PC) and reliability (nothing outside your own PC can break or misfunction). On the negative side, when you scrape your PC you loose your license to use the software you paid for.

All considered we thought that option 3 was the most viable and convenient for the customer. Still, given its price, our software is not a disposable good you can carelessly replace every time something goes wrong with your PC!

So, since we want to build a long lasting relationship with our customers (after all it is only thanks to them if we can stay in business!), we want to recognize their good faith if they claim to have replaced their PC.

  • If your claim happens every 3 years (or less frequently), we replace your license. No questions asked.
  • If your claim happens before 3 years from purchase (or from the previous replacement), we will consider the circumstances on a case by case basis and will see what we can do for you.

In both cases a “replacement license issue” will incur in an administrative fee, currently set at 25€. This amount covers the labour cost to manually handle the file, and it is only a tiny fraction of the cost of a new software license. Hence everybody should be happy.